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Poly Urethane
Epoxy Hi-performance
Plastic coating
General Industrial
Wood Coating
  Contact Information
  Esdee Paints Limited,
  203, Navketan, Chembur,
  Mumbai 400071, India.
  Tel: 022 - 25217982
  Fax: 022 - 25212988

Welcome to Esdee Paints Limited
Esdee Paints Limited is a leading paint manufacturing company in India having excellence in Polyurethane Paints, Putties, Epoxy Coatings, High-Performance Coatings, specialised coatings such as UV coatings, Glass Coatings etc. Esdee Paints also develops tailor made products for OEMs . Esdee Paints has established its name in India as a reliable supplier of Quality Paints. The R & D team is dedicated to develop the quality paints. CED Clear and Aqua PU are the latest Offerings.

Esdee Paints has continuous endeavour of giving high quality protection with beauty.

Esdee Paints Syncoat Acrylic Emulsion provides a smooth and rich finish to the interior and exterior walls. Its composition imparts excellent durability to the paint film.
Esdee Paints Syncoat Acrylic Distemper gives excellent durability and smooth finish.
Esdee Paints Syncoat Premium Distemper gives a durable matt finish, which is long lasting. It is chalk resistant and economical.

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